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Aïcha Elina Haïdara

2023 Speaker

Is a certified Finnish-Ivorian Life Coach with the mission to help people break free from problematic beliefs and behaviours. In August 2022, Aïcha started DARA Coaching, a Life Coaching practice based in Copenhagen. The name DARA comes from her last name Haïdara and also means wisdom. She provides coaching services in English, Finnish and French to individuals, couples, and through interactive workshops. This year, Aïcha E. Haïdara has started offering B2B services to provide successful and efficient 1:1s with the goal of reducing stress & anxiety at work. The B2B services include outsourced 1:1s and leadership training packages.

Aïcha E. Haïdara’s professional background comes from the corporate world, where she spent almost a decade in various roles from employee to management positions. During her time in the corporate world, she observed an ongoing trend of people not setting personal boundaries to protect themselves from burnout, becoming overloaded while always feeling like they were not giving enough. Aïcha E. Haïdara was no exception and she had to take time off from work due to being overloaded. Aïcha has always been passionate about helping others and developing constructive and healthy skills both professionally and personally and she felt like it was time to follow her passion. She did an extensive ICF-approved coaching course at Life Coach Academy Finland. Since her first coaching session, Aïcha knew this was the right path for her.

As a coach, Aïcha creates a safe space where everyone is welcome and everyone has permission to be 100% themselves. She specialises in working with inner beliefs, the language we use and the connection they have with the current challenges we face. Aïcha E. Haïdara believes that most of the time when we are struggling to make a change or reach a goal in our lives, we have restricting beliefs that hold us back. These beliefs affect the way we speak to others and to ourselves. By being aware of the language we choose to use and the core beliefs that affect our behaviours, we can start changing them and we will be able to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. As long as you are open to learning about yourself, your desired changes in life are guaranteed.

Aïcha E. Haïdara describes herself as the wind underneath your wings.


Julia Fazio Eriksson

2023 Speaker

Julia Fazio, owner of Bella & Jules Jewelry
Julia Fazio Eriksson, owner of Bella & Jules Jewelry, moved to Denmark in 2012, leaving her marketing career in Silicon Valley to start her new adventure with her husband and two stepsons. After adding to their family with two more children, she decided that the corporate world was no longer for her. This is when she put her work where her passion is, creating jewelry. Her brand is built on sustainable values, starting with using recycled products in each piece. Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted by Julia, using handmade recycled glass beads made from glass waste in Ghana, Mala bone beads from Nepal and woods and metals. While jewelry has been her work for the past few years, it has also been an outlet to adapting to and living in a foreign country, as well as a source to building a community of supportive women.

Amelie Taralle

2023 Speaker

Amelie Taralle

Optimist-neurodivergent-freelance and business owner.

Born in France, Amelie lived in the UK for almost 20 years where she was the COO of a small management consultancy for 10 years, a senior project manager for the London Olympics and a consultant for Telefonica traveling between Madrid and London working on various projects including a global HR transformation project.

‘Trailing spouse’, Amelie moved to Denmark when her husband was offered a position to work for a large bank in Copenhagen. After taking a short break to ensure her 2 boys had settled in their Danish schools, Amelie wanted to get back to work.

She found Hoxby, a platform for freelancers who do not believe in the 9 to 5 nor that you have to go to the office to do your best work. Working on some projects for Hoxby gave Amelie the confidence she had lost after stopping work for a couple of years. Amelie is now a freelance business owner who has worked mainly with non-danish businesses and entrepreneurs in Europe and the USA, to optimise their processes and systems, which impacts positively on various areas for her clients: higher revenue, better client and employee/team experience and burnout avoided for the founder(s). She also mentors startup and social business founders in Denmark and the UK.

Amelie also created an online community in Amager (south of Copenhagen) for internationals and Danes to come together during in-person-events or on the Facebook group.

Last year, Amelie was diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers, which came as a surprise but actually made sense and helped her accept herself more.

Amelie believes in showing up unapologetically and authentically, being YOU even at work and with your clients! She is an optimist who believes that you can turn any skill (even if you don’t realise they actually are skills), interest and passion into a side income or a business.