The Waiting Room




Dear W.O.M.T.

Dear W.O.M.T,
When I arrived in Denmark in July 2014, the first several weeks were absolutely amazing. I was so happy to be in a different country. It was a gorgeous summer, and such beauty amazed me. Also, in my eyes, the Danish people were so happy and free.
Everything seemed perfect and I felt very much in sync with my life. Later though, as the weather changed, so did my mood. Negative feelings started to escalate quite rapidly. My happiness disappeared. I now felt obliged to live in a country that, in so many ways, I was struggling with.
Because the man I loved lived here, and I was pregnant with my daughter, I felt trapped. Thoughts of leaving Denmark, plagued my mind. Truthfully though, France could no longer offer me anything more exciting. Inexplicably, I knew I was supposed to stay in Denmark with the father of my child and start a family.

However, it felt like I was in a “waiting room.” I was waiting for something – anything, to get me out of here. Everyday, fighting to find happiness again, searching for peace within myself, and trying to accept my new life in Denmark. Instead of staying in this dark place though, I came to the conclusion that while waiting, I should at least enjoy myself.
While on this walk of acceptance, I came to understand I would have to make the most of the days spent in the “waiting room.” By doing this, it helped that period of my life pass more quickly. With time, I finally realised that I am here in Denmark because I have been given a mission to help others, a mission that I now accept with gratitude. The journey has been difficult and challenging, as most expats have experienced, but I am at peace living in Denmark, now.
Maybe at this moment, you are in a “waiting room.” Waiting for a better job, a house, a partner. Or, waiting for Covid to finally be over!
The months or years of waiting are the most difficult, but the longer the wait, the better the victory.

Here are some of the points that you may want to consider while waiting:

    • You can learn a lot about yourself
      Enjoy this time of learning. Learn to listen to yourself and discover things that you didn’t realize; maybe how strong, resilient, or patient you can be.
    • Write down the lessons you learn
      While you wait, use a journal to record the lessons life has taught, and how you have changed for the better.
    • Count your blessings
      Whenever you feel low or sad, remember to fight the negative thoughts with thoughts of gratitude.

    And last, but not least :

    • Acceptance
      Isn’t acceptance the most difficult challenge sometimes? Accepting things that we would like to change, but can not, takes effort.
      What about you? What are you doing, during this time of waiting?